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Crossed Pro Staff

Freshwater Fishing

Brandon McMillan- is a South Florida Native, I grew up on the banks of Lake Okeechobee. Fishing is a long-standing tradition in my family that dates back many generations. The McMillan name is well known in the fishing community. My father Jimmy McMillan, was a fishing legend. Among his most cherished accomplishments were his 2009 FLW Tour Championship win and the 2009 Land O' Lakes Angler of the Year. After the tragic loss of my father, I am more determined than ever to pursue my professional fishing career. At 32 years old, I feel I have the knowledge and experience of anglers twice my age. My professionalism, attitude and hard-work ethics will make me an excellent representative for your company.

Jared McMillan -

Brock Mosley - Growing up in the small town of Collinsville, Ms , the only things to do was hunt, fish, or play ball. As a kid I remember if I wasn't in school I was doing one of the three. My father owned a Ranger Dealership in my hometown when I was a kid and growing up all I ever wanted to do was be a Professional Fisherman.

In college, I was a student athlete. I played baseball at Delta State University and finished my degree in Business Marketing. After my junior year of college I decided it was time for me to step away from baseball and concentrate on my dream at becoming a professional bass angler. At that time, I transfered to Ole Miss to finish my education and started fishing BFL's and Everstarts. My second year at Ole Miss, I was asked to join the Ole Miss Fishing team where I was able to win the 2011 Southeast BASS Regional on the Alabama River. At that time I realized I had a shot at making my ultimate goal of fishing the Elite Series and FLW tour can come true with lots hard work..

Kyle Cortiana - How did it begin? A large bass blows up next to an old log against the bank of a farm pond not far from home. I run down the bank to the site of the explosion, snoopy rod in hand and a Texas rigged plastic worm lobbed into the air making a subtle splash next to the laydown. The fish takes the bait with a small thump followed by a fast run under the log, but not so fast fish, do you know who you’re messing with? I’m 3 years old and one day I’m going to fish the FLW Tour as a professional fisherman and you’re not about to embarrass me early on in my career! So yes, that day the angler in me came out and that day my father likes to claim, “I created a monster!”

in the FLW Tour as a professional fisherman. I can’t tell you how awesome that feels to say, write, or even think about. But I didn’t get here on my own and I’d like to think that I’ve learned a lot about the sport of fishing and even more about myself as a person. I’ve learned that without my father spending countless hours teaching me about the outdoors and the patience required to educate a child, I’d not be who I am today. I’ve learned that my love for the outdoors is unique and it makes me who I am however I’ve also learned that my love for the outdoors is almost impossible for any woman to deal with! I’ve learned that without a supportive wife who understands me and “puts up” with my passions, I’d not be able to chase my dreams. My wife always tells me, “Honey you have a one tracked mind!” and boy is she right! However, at times I’m able to shift my mind from the Fishing Track to the Hunting Track, but nevertheless, it stays on one track which is always outdoors.

I’ve worked hard chasing the dream of fishing and I understand what it takes both on the water and off to keep this dream alive. I appreciate all my sponsors and I fully understand their expectations of me and accept the responsibilities placed upon me to help them succeed in chasing their own goals and perhaps dreams.

Jeff Dobson- The main thing I look forward to in a day of fishing is to go out and have a fun productive day. In the thirty + years I have been fishing I have made a lot of friends and I plan on making a lot more throughout my journey. My goal is to take my tournament fishing to the next level. This will include turning my tournament fishing into a business relationship with potential sponsors who have the same passion as I do when it comes to spending a day on the water. Alot of people ask me why i like to fish so much, the answer to that is very simple. I love being in the outdoors and the challenge of being able to figure out what those little green fish are doing, sometimes they get the best of me, but thats what it's all about. Every since i can remember i've had a fishing pole in my hand, It's one of the fondest memories i have of both my mom 'Janeo' and my Grandfather 'Grampy'! I am very fortunate to have a supportive wife and daughter that allows me to be part of what i love to do. I am also very competitive, every tournament i fish is approached with the "nobody remembers second" attitude. It doesn't always work out, but again that's what it's all about!

Saltwater Fishing

Liquid Fire Fishing Team - Our team consists of my sons, Joshua (22) and Crockett (17), my wife Audrey (47) and me Mark Henderson(48). Periodically, we have some guest members; Rob Ferris and John Molfetto.

When we moved to the coast of North Carolina in May 2002, it just fit. My children and all of the family members gravitated to the lure of the saltwater immediately. We spent a lot of time pier and surf fishing for the first two and a half years. Our children learned how to cast, tie knots, rig baits, clean fish, and all of the essentials while learning how to respect the resources that we’ve been given. In 2004, a friend of mine, Ben Beasley, bought a 23-foot Sea Pro with a 200 Johnson. He asked us to fish the Raleigh Saltwater KMT with him. It was our first event, and I really don’t even remember if we got a strike. But, we were hooked!! We squeaked into the National Championship in Biloxi and ran to the West Delta both days in that boat! I purchased my first boat in October 2004. It was a 25’ Contender with twin Yamaha 200s, and we began fishing the SKA as the Liquid Fire Fishing Team in 2005.